Trumpet (Period)

Trumpet (Period)

Spiral hunting horn (Accepted)

Spiral trumpet, or spiral hunting horn (Accepted)

A trumpet is a brass musical instrument with a flared end and a blaring tone.  Its default form is more fully blazoned a “straight trumpet”; it was used as an heraldic charge as early as 1285, in the canting arms of Trumpington [ANA2 475].  Two straight trumpets in saltire are the symbol of the SCA College of Arms, and reserved to the College and the seals of its Sovereigns of Arms and the Principal Heralds.



Bucina, or Roman tuba (Accepted)

Bucina, or Roman tuba (Accepted)

Baroque folding trumpet (Accepted)

Baroque folded trumpet (Accepted)

Society armory also has examples of the “spiral trumpet”, also called a “spiral hunting horn“, the precursor of the modern French horn; the “baroque folded trumpet”, like a sackbut but with no moving parts (its length made a full range of notes possible); and the “Roman tuba” or “bucina”.  All these trumpets have their bells to chief by default.  See also cornetto, organ pipe.

The College of Arms bears:  Vert, two straight trumpets in saltire, bells in chief Or.

Halla in heppna Knorsdottír bears:  Purpure, in fess three straight trumpets Or.

Daven Echern bears:  Azure, on a plate a horse salient to sinister sable, in base a spiral trumpet Or, all within a bordure embattled argent.

Corwyn Iain MacAern bears:  Per chevron sable and argent, a griffin passant and a Roman tuba reversed counterchanged.

Lijss van den Kerckhove bears as a badge:  Or, a baroque folded trumpet fesswise reversed purpure and in chief two rosemary sprigs fesswise conjoined at the stem vert.

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