Organ pipe

Organ pipe (Period)

Organ pipe (Period)

An organ pipe is a long metal cylinder, with a fipple (“whistle slot”) at the lower end; it’s the part of the organ from which the sound emerges.  It’s a period charge, shown in Bossewell, 1572 [III.13º], and found in the arms of Williams, c.1520 [Walden 296; also Guillim1 199].

The organ pipe can be found alone (as in the illustration), or in a “range” of several pipes mounted together [Franklyn 246]; the number of pipes is then specified.  The organ pipe is palewise, conical end to base by default.  See also portative organ.

Melodia Beaupel bears as a badge:  An organ pipe argent.

Elfrida Scholastica Eliensis bears:  Per bend azure and Or, a range of three organ pipes and a Wake knot counterchanged.

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