Portative organ

Portative organ (Accepted)

Portative organ (Accepted)

A portative organ is a musical instrument, a small pipe organ used in processionals; it was carried at the waist on a strap, with one hand working the bellows and the other hand playing the keyboard.  It was a period instrument, dating from the 13th C. [Baines 269], but does not appear to have been used in period armory.  The portative organ is affronty by Society default, with the keyboard to the viewer.  See also organ pipe.

Cecily of Elfhollow bears:  Per fess azure and vert, a fess wavy Or between a portative organ and a New World dogwood blossom argent seeded vert.

Arend Adler bears:  Per bend azure and gules, a portative organ argent.

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