Tassel (Period)

Tassel (Period)

A tassel is a bundle of threads, loose at the bottom and bound into a knob at the top.  Medieval tassels were used to ornament clothing and other items such as cushions.  However, the tassel was also used as an heraldic charge in its own right:  e.g., in the arms of de Novedrate, mid-15th C. [Triv 248], and of John or Johns, c.1520 [DBA2 401].  See also knot.

The Order of the Scarlet Guard, of Æthelmearc, bears:  A tassel per pale gules and argent.

Theodora Bryennissa bears:  Argent, a tassel and a chief engrailed azure, a bordure sable.

Adalyde de Sardaigne bears as a badge:  Gules, a tassel bendwise sinister Or.

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