Tarasque statant guardant (Accepted)

Tarasque statant guardant (Accepted)

The tarasque is an amphibious monster associated with Tarascon, France.  Legends of the tarasque date from the 12th Century, frequently as part of the legend of St. Martha.  It resembles a spiny-shelled tortoise with six legs; it’s often shown with a somewhat humanoid face.  The tarasque is used in the modern arms of Tarascon, but no period heraldic examples have been found.  The illustration shows a tarasque statant guardant.

Morgiane de Provence bears:  Azure, a four-legged tarasque statant gardant contourny argent.

Dawn Schadue bears as a badge:  A tarasque passant vert vorant of two human legs clothed azure.

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