Sword: shamshir

Shamshir (SFPP)

Shamshir (SFPP)

The “shamshir” is a curved-bladed sword intended for slashing; it was favored by the Persian cavalry in the 15th and 16th Centuries, due in part to its light weight [Stone 550].  In Society armory, it is depicted more or less as the historical artifact; a highly stylized form of it became the heraldic scimitar.  As an artifact from outside period Europe, the use of the shamshir is a step from period practice.

Haerraich the Cossack bears:  Gyronny sable and argent, on a pellet two shamshirs in saltire argent, hilted Or.

Omar Abdul ben Akbar bears:  Vert, a Turkish shamshir fesswise reversed, edge to base, distilling from its point three gouttes Or.

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