Sword: scimitar

Scimitar (Period)

Scimitar (Period)

The term “scimitar”, when used in blazon, denotes a highly stylized sword with a crescent blade; it is an exaggerated depiction of actual swords from the Middle East, e.g., the shamshir.  In its heraldic form, the scimitar is found in the arms of Chanpollo, c.1550 [BSB 272:195], and the arms of Hodgson, c.1520 [DBA4 436]; the latter were on occasion misblazoned in period as using falchions.

The term “saber” is recognized as a synonym for the scimitar [Parker 509].  It was once used in Society blazonry to denote a modern cavalry saber; this form of sword is no longer registerable.

Robert Blade bears:  Argent, a scimitar gules and a scimitar sable crossed in saltire.

Schaibar of Lorien bears:  Per fess Or and gules, a scimitar inverted bendwise sinister counterchanged.

Keradwc an Cai bears as a badge:  Sable, three scimitars in annulo argent.

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