Scrip; Purse

Pilgrim's scrip (Period)

Pilgrim’s scrip, or purse (Period)

Belt pouch (Period)

Belt pouch, or saddlebag (Period)

A scrip is a leather satchel or large pouch, worn on a strap.  Since it was frequently borne by pilgrims, it’s more fully blazoned a “pilgrim’s scrip” or “palmer’s scrip”; it might also be termed a “pilgrim’s pouch” or “purse”.  It’s a period charge, found in the allusive arms of Palmer, late-15th C. [DBA2 395].  The scrip is frequently depicted with its carrying strap.

Related to the scrip is the “belt pouch”, sometimes called a “kidney pouch” because of its shape; it’s also called a “saddlebag” in modern heraldry.  The belt pouch is a period charge, found in the canting arms (German Täsche) of Täschinger, mid-16th C. [NW 46].  For related charges, see bag.

Maria Taresa Ospital bears:  Sable, a cross Or goutty de sang between four pilgrim’s scrips Or.

Lucia Traveler bears:  Purpure, a palmer’s scrip and on a chief embattled Or three shoes bendwise sinister purpure.

Sáerlaith ingen mic Néill bears as a badge:  A belt pouch argent.

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