Scorpion (Period)

Scorpion (Period)

The scorpion is a venomous arthropod, treated as an insect for heraldic purposes; its medieval reputation was of viciousness and treachery.  It’s found in the canting arms of de Scorpionis, mid-15th C. [Triv 325], and the arms of Cole, c.1520 [DBA2 395].

The scorpion is tergiant, tail to base by default.  We have an example of scorpions tergiant inverted, in the arms of Cole, 1610 [Guillim1 153]; scorpions tergiant inverted are considered consonant with period practice in the Society.  See also crab.

Albrecht Waldfurster bears:  Purpure, a scorpion argent.

Aurelia Nomadikē bears:  Gules, three scorpions Or.

Katherene de la Huerta bears:  Argent, three scorpions gules.

Juan Diego de Belmont bears:  Argent chapé gules, a scorpion inverted sable.

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