Pretzel (Period)

Pretzel (Period)

A pretzel is a twisted bun or pastry, made from a long rope of dough, tied into a knot and baked.  Though most strongly identified with Germany, pretzels were eaten in several countries of period Europe.  The pretzel is a period charge:  the illustration is taken from the arms of the Bakers Guild of Augsburg, in the 16th Century [Volborth 184].

Society heraldry defines a “pretzel proper” as brown.  The pretzel does not seem to have a default orientation:  examples are found with the ends to chief and to base, with no difference counted.  For related charges, see breadloaf, knot.

Lynette the Lost bears:  Argent, three lozenges in bend azure, each charged with a pretzel Or.

Edmund Lambert of Tregelles bears:  Vert, a pretzel Or.

Callistus Gill bears:  Or, three pretzels proper and a bordure wavy vert.

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