Breadloaf (Period)

Breadloaf (Period)

A breadloaf is a long, oblong roll of bread; it is the normal depiction of bread in Society heraldry.  This form is also found in period armory, in the canting arms (Italian pane) of Colpan, mid-15th C. [Triv 120]; but in medieval armory, bread is more usually depicted as simple manchets or roundels, sometimes alone on the field, often on a baker’s peel or in a basket.

When “proper”, breadloaves are tinctured brown in Society armory.  For related charges, see pretzel.

Magdalene Katherine MacDonald bears:  Argent, a breadloaf and on a chief sable three ladles palewise argent.

Leonce the Lombard bears:  Gules, on a pall between three breadloaves Or, a cross formy gules.

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