Pomegranate slipped and leaved (Period)

Pomegranate slipped and leaved (Period)

The pomegranate is a fruit often found in Spanish armory, to mark a connection to Granada [Woodward 339].  To medieval theologians, it symbolized the rewards of heaven:  for it was one of the fruits promised to the Chosen People.

The pomegranate is depicted with the bulb split open, revealing the interior and seeds; it may be “seeded” of a contrasting tincture.  It’s usually found slipped and leaved, as in the illustration, but that fact is always blazoned.  The pomegranate’s “proper” tincture has differed between times and countries, and even Society blazons have not been consistent (though “gules, slipped vert, seeded Or” seems to be the most common); the term is best avoided when possible.

Zahra bint Talib bears:  Sable, three pomegranates slipped and leaved Or, seeded gules.

Julia des Grenades bears:  Vert, in cross four pomegranates bendwise Or, seeded gules.

Rivka bat Efraim bears:  Per chevron throughout wavy azure and argent, three pomegranates slipped and leaved counterchanged.

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