Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle (Period)

Mortar and pestle (Period)

A mortar and pestle is a set of tools for grinding substances to powder.  The mortar is a hard, deep bowl; the pestle is a club, which does the grinding.  They are usually found together, with the pestle in the mortar.  Mortars and pestles are period charges:  the illustration is from the arms of Wakerley, mid-16th C. [Bedingfeld 58].  See also bowl, cup.

Willem Gerritsz van Wije bears:  Sable, three mortars and pestles Or.

Elizabeth Rea bears:  Per saltire argent and vert, a mortar and pestle sable.

Edain de Burgh bears:  Per pale vert and argent, three mortars with pestles counterchanged.

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