Hop cone slipped and leaved (Period)

Hop cone slipped and leaved (Period)

Hops are the fruit of the hop vine; they may also be termed “hop cones”, and perhaps the term is more readily understood.  Hops are added to beer to give it bitterness, being first added in the 11th Century; hops were cultivated by twining the vines around poles.  Hops are found in the rebus badge of Elizabeth Hopton, d.1498 [Marks & Payne 40].  The “hop vine” and the “hop pole” (a staff palewise with a hop vine entwined around its length) have likewise been used in Society armory.

Hops, like most fruit, have their stems to chief by Society default.  The illustration shows a hop slipped and leaved.  For related charges, see thyrsus.  See also pine cone.

The Canton of Humalasalo bears as a badge:  Gules, a hop pole between three tankards Or.

Osric se breowere bears:  Per chevron vert and argent, two hop cones inverted Or and a serpent in annulo vorant of its own tail sable.

Ilona von Neunhoff bears:  Gules, a hop vine palewise Or fructed argent, a bordure compony azure, semy of towers argent, and Or.

Iylla Rethelsson bears:  Azure, in bend two stalks of barley bendwise sinister embowed Or surmounted by two hop cones conjoined in fess argent.

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