Golf club

Golf club (Accepted)

Golf club (Accepted)

A golf club is a tool used in the game of golf, promoted by the Scots as their revenge on the rest of the world.  The club consists of a staff with a flat striking head, used to hit a small, defenseless ball.  It’s a period artifact, depicted in a Flemish book of hours (the so-called “Golf Book” by Simon Bening) c.1540; but unsurprisingly, it’s not found in period heraldry.

The golf club has its handle to chief by Society default.

Torquil MacTaggart the Steadfast bears:  Vert, two golf clubs crossed in saltire, on a chief rayonny argent three pellets.

Murdoc MacKinnon bears:  Vert, on a bend embattled counter-embattled between two golf clubs inverted in saltire and an Irish harp Or, a greatsword sable.

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