Goat clymant (Period)

Goat clymant (Period)

The goat is a horned, hooved beast famed for its lasciviousness (and, strangely enough, its eyesight).  The most common depiction is long-horned and bearded, with longer hair at the throat.  It’s a common charge, found as early as c.1320, in the arms of Obaerloh or Obaerlon [Zurich 366].

Special terms applied to goats include “clymant”, meaning rampant.  The goat doesn’t seem to have any default posture; the illustration shows a goat clymant.  For related charges, see ibex (natural), musimon, sheep.

Kozima la Pellegrina bears:  Sable, a goat clymant to sinister Or.

Eoghan MacCionna BaileArd bears:  Or, a brown goat erect playing a bagpipe proper, bagged gules.

Ottokar von Ehrenfels bears:  Argent, a goat clymant azure.

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