Eyeglasses (Period)

Eyeglasses (Period)

Eyeglasses are a set of lenses mounted in a frame, used to correct faulty vision, dating from the 14th Century.  Period eyeglasses used thick circular lenses; the frames were either tied in place with ribbons, or else held in place by the hand for reading.  The illustration shows the latter type, as found in the arms of Latini, c.1550 [BSB Cod.Icon 268:243].

Eyeglasses are normally solidly tinctured, i.e., the frames and lenses are one tincture.  If the lenses are of another tincture, they must be explicitly blazoned, e.g., “a pair of eyeglasses argent lensed vert”.  If the lenses are removed, so that the field shows through, the charge may simply be blazoned “eyeglass frames”.  See also mask.

The Order of the Grey Beard, of Trimaris, bears:  Per pale sable and azure, in saltire a crutch Or and a sword inverted proper, in chief a pair of eyeglasses argent, stringed Or.

Edward Glass bears:  Or, a pair of eyeglass frames sable.

Leif Andersson bears:  Argent, a pair of eyeglasses sable lensed and on a chief vert two boar’s heads couped Or.

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