Eye (Period)

Eye (Period)

Cat's eye (Accepted); Dragon's eye (Disallowed)

Cat’s eye (Accepted); Dragon’s eye (Disallowed)

An eye is an organ for seeing.  It was used as an heraldic charge in the arms of di Belugi, mid-15th C. [Triv 80], and in the badge of Blount, c.1520 [HB 79].  The default heraldic eye is the human eye.  At one time, the Society defined proper tinctures for the eye, but that practice has been discontinued; eyes not solidly tinctured must be specified, e.g., an “eye argent irised azure”.

Other eye variants unique to Society heraldry include the “cyclopean eye”, which is perfectly round; the “cat’s eye”, with a slitted pupil; and the “dragon’s eye”, which has been described as a Germanic rune, and is no longer permitted for use in Society heraldry.

Kelan Greeneye bears:  Azure, three eyes argent irised vert.

Melisande Shadow bears:  Sable, two cat’s eyes vert pupilled sable and fimbriated argent.

Hywel ap Riccerch bears:  Per saltire vert and gules, a barrel helm affronty argent, within the eyeslit a cyclopean eye argent irised sable.

Frederic of the West Tower bears as a badge:  Or, a dragon’s eye gules.

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