Edelweiss (Accepted)

Edelweiss (Accepted)

The edelweiss is an Alpine flower, famed for growing in inaccessible spots in the mountains.  It was known to period Europeans, and was believed to have medicinal properties, but does not appear to have been used in period heraldry.  The Society default is affronty; an “edelweiss proper” is argent, seeded Or.

The Order of the Edelweiss, of Drachenwald, bears:  An edelweiss Or seeded gules, within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

Alesia Anna von Altmul bears:  Per fess indented azure and Or, in chief two edelweiss argent seeded Or.

Appolonia von Württemberg bears:  Quarterly purpure and argent, two edelweiss blossoms proper, a bordure counterchanged.

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