Rabbit's massacre (Period)

Rabbit’s massacre (Period)

Human ear (Accepted)

Human ear (Accepted)

An ear is an organ for hearing.  Animals’ ears are found in period armory, e.g., as the crest of Wedenou or Weidenau, 1394 [Gelre 88].  This form of ear is blazoned in various texts either as “asses’ ears” or as “hare’s (or rabbit’s) ears”; when attached to a bit of scalp, they may be termed, e.g., a “rabbit’s massacre”.  Society armory also has a single example of human ears.  In all cases, the type of animal to which the ear belonged should be blazoned.



Simon of Gardengate House bears:  Gules, a comet palewise inverted and on a chief argent three human ears gules.

Zafira bint Zahira bears:  Gules estencelly Or, a rabbit’s massacre argent within a bordure lozengy argent and sable.

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