Pair of hames (Period)

Pair of hames (Period)

A collar is a band, circlet, or shackle that fits around the neck.  The charge is most often found around the neck of a beast; such a beast may be blazoned “collared” or “gorged”, and the collar may trail a chain.

There are instances, however, of a collar used as an independent charge:  e.g., the “pair of hames” or horse collar.  It was used in the badge of Marcam or Markham, c.1520 [Walden 265; Parker 302].  See also shackle.

The Equestrian Champion of Gleann Abhann bears:  A chamfron argent within and conjoined with a pair of hames per pale gules and sable.

Aureliane Rioghail bears as a badge:  A pair of hames Or.

Micheil, Younger of An Alltan bears as a badge:  A demi-boy proper crined Or, vested and wearing a mail collar argent.

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