Six-sided coffin palewise (Disallowed)

Six-sided coffin palewise (Disallowed)

A coffin is a box in which the dead are brought to the cemetery and buried.  It’s a period charge, found in the allusive arms (German Leiche, “corpse”) of von Leichnam, 1605 [Siebmacher 156].  The coffin has been registered only twice in Society armory, and in both cases in a six-sided form which is post-period; this form, depicted in the illustration, is no longer acceptable.  In theory, a period shape of coffin could be used as a charge, provided it were drawn recognizably; as of this writing, none have been registered.  See also chest.

The Baron of Starkhafn bears as a badge:  A six-sided coffin palewise sable charged in chief with a mullet of eight points argent.

Tristram Lorenz of the Coffins bears:  Sable, a pall between a fleur-de-lys and two coffins palewise argent. [Coffins drawn with six sides]

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