Beehive (Period)

Beehive (Period)

A beehive is a box or other shelter for a colony of bees; it may also be termed a “bee skep”.  The heraldic form is the medieval variety, which is basket- or dome-shaped.  The beehive is a period charge, found in the arms of Fray, mid-16th C. [Bedingfeld 58].

Beehives are often depicted beset by bees, which fact is always blazoned.  See also bee.

Therasia Mellita bears:  Gules semy of bees, a beehive Or.

Artemisia of Nicaea bears:  Purpure, a beehive argent within bees in annulo Or.

Barbara MacAuley bears:  Azure, a beehive between four bees in cross argent.

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