Bee (Period)

Bee (Period)

The bee is an industrious insect whose medieval reputation was of diligence, and (because it was thought bees never slept) of vigilance.  It’s a period charge, found in the canting arms of Bestone or Beeston, c.1460 [DBA1 389].

The bee is volant en arrière (sometimes called “tergiant”, and misblazoned “displayed”) by default.  The Society defines its “proper” tinctures with argent wings, upper body Or, lower body striped Or and sable; a bee proper is treated as a metal for contrast purposes.

The Order of the Bee, of Ealdormere, bears:  Argent, a bee gules.

Signe Scriffuerska bears:  Gules, three bees Or.

Cristoforo Donatello dei Visconti bears:  Sable semy of bees argent.

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