Battering ram

Battering ram (Period)

Battering ram (Period)

A battering ram is a long shaft with a hard head, a weapon for breaking down doors and walls in a siege; the head is stylized as a ram’s head.  It wasn’t a common charge in period armory, but we’ve one example in the arms of Bertie, c.1550, who became Lords Willoughby of Eresby in 1555 (and Earls of Lindsey in 1626).  [“Parish Records of St. Michaels, Stamford”, The Reliquary, vol.xix, 1879, p.110; cf. Guillim1 227].  The battering ram is fesswise, head to dexter, by default.

Nicholas the Unshod bears:  Gules, a battering ram argent, armed and trimmed Or.

Willelm Castleford bears:  Sable, in chief a battering ram Or armed and garnished argent.

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