Bat (Period)

Bat (Period)

The bat is a winged mouse-like beast; it’s also called a “reremouse”, “flittermouse” or “chausoriz”.  12th-Century bestiaries treated it as a bird, but with membranous wings rather than feathered; medieval thought considered the bat an embodiment of darkness (and dark emotions such as melancholy).  The bat is found as an heraldic charge in the arms of Burnynghill, c.1410 [DBA1 289].  It is displayed and guardant by default; indeed, so common was that posture for the bat that using any other posture is deemed a step from period practice; inverting the bat (in any posture) is disallowed altogether.

Elynor O’Brian bears:  Argent, three bats sable.

Thomas the Diaemus bears:  Vairy vert and argent, a bat displayed sable.

Antoine d’Aubry bears:  Quarterly ermine and gules, two reremice ermine.

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