Zulfikar (probable SFPP)

Zulfikar (probable SFPP)

The zulfikar is a charge from Islamic heraldry, representing the sword given to Ali by Mohammed (on whom be peace).  It’s depicted as a sword, whose blade is strongly forked for about half its length; the blade might be either straight or curved.  The zulfikar shown here was used on the standard of Selim I, Ottoman Sultan 1470-1520 [from the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul].

The Society’s default for the zulfikar is that of the sword:  palewise, hilt to base.

Gürcü İskender bears:  Azure crescenty argent, a zulfikar inverted Or and a gore sinister argent.

Jethro Stille bears as a badge:  Gules, between the blades of a zulfikar inverted a mullet of six points Or.

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