Woolpack (Period)

Woolpack (Period)

A wool-pack, as its name implies, is a sack in which wool is packed and bundled; the packs were of standardized sizes, for ease of pricing.  It was used as a charge by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen as early as 1575 [Bromley & Child 267].  It may also be called a “bale” or a “wool-sack”; it is fesswise by default.  For related charges, see bag of madder, cushion.

Catherine Loxley of Tirnewydd bears:  Per chevron sable and barry wavy argent and gules, in chief two wool-packs argent.

Kára sindri bears:  Per fess vert and lozengy vert and Or, a fess and in chief a woolsack argent.

Joanna the Spinner bears as a badge:  A wool-pack gules.

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