Winged charges

Winged tower (Period)

Winged tower (Period)

Occasionally, inanimate charges may be shown with a pair of wings attached.  Period examples include the winged column in the arms of von Oberndorff, c.1560 [BSB Cod.Icon 390:772]; the winged mount of six hillocks, in the arms of Lugarini, c.1550 [BSB Cod.Icon 278:423]; and the winged arrow in the arms of Zinngall or Zingel, c.1600 [BSB Cod.Icon 307:536].  By default, the wings will be eagle’s wings displayed, of comparable size to the charge.  The wings are attached to the charge on its dexter and sinister sides; the exception seems to be for winged shoes, feet, &c, where the wings are addorsed and attached near the heel.  The illustration shows a winged tower, as in the arms of Baldovini, c.1550 [BSB Cod.Icon 274:339].  See also winged monsters.

Uther vom Schwartzwald bears:  Sable, a winged chalice Or.

Denys Calais bears:  Gules, a key Or winged argent.

Bronwyn Schutelisworth bears:  Or, a weaver’s shuttle palewise vert winged sable.

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