Scourge or whip of three lashes (Period)

Scourge or whip of three lashes (Period)

A whip is an instrument for delivering a stinging blow, with one or more lashes set in a handle.  The single-lash whip is used to drive animals.  When blazoned a “scourge”, it has multiple lashes and is intended to be an emblem of martyrdom; it’s found in the arms of Eybeswaldt, 1605 [Siebmacher 37].  When drawn with distinct lashes (as in the illustration), it has three by default; it can also be drawn with more, as in the “cat-o’-nine-tails”, though the fact must be blazoned.  Whips and scourges have their handles to base by default.

Deadra Colin Madoc bears:  Argent, a drover’s whip bendwise sinister, lash in action sable.

Valgard Stonecleaver bears as a badge: Or, a scourge sable.

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