Water-bouget (Period)

Water-bouget (Period)

A water-bouget is a pair of water bags on a yoke, drawn in a highly stylized heraldic form.  It is one of the most ancient of charges, dating from 1244 in the arms of de Ros (Roos, Ross, Rous) [Asp2 212].  There are several period depictions of the water-bouget; no difference is counted between them.  The illustration is taken from the Garter stall plate of Sir John Bourchier, d.1474.  See also bottell (leather).

Constance Grey bears:  Azure, three water-bougets Or.

Elspeth of Seal Cove bears:  Purpure, a water-bouget erminois.

Margaret de Mey bears:  Gules, three water-bougets argent.

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