Valknut (SFPP)

Valknut (SFPP)

A valknut is a Norse artistic motif, consisting of three triangles voided and interlaced.  It was associated with scenes of Odin and the Valkyries (valknut, “corpse knot”), and may have represented the slain warrior’s soul.  As an heraldic charge, it’s unique to the Society; its use is considered a step from period practice.  The valknut has its point is to chief by Society default; valknuts inverted are no longer permitted.

There were several depictions of the valknut in Norse art; the illustration is the one accepted for Society use.  It’s based on the image on the Stora Hammars I stone, in Gotland.  See also knot, polygon.

Styrbjorg Ulfethnar bears:  Argent, a demi-wolf salient proper charged on the shoulder with an elf-bolt argent, issuant from a valknut gules.

Hallgrímr Úlfsson bears:  Gules, a valknut and a bordure argent.

Justin Stephen Cradoc bears:  Quarterly azure and argent, four valknuts counterchanged.

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