Triquetra (Period)

Triquetra (Period)

A triquetra is a design common in ecclesiastical art, where it is a symbol of the Trinity.  It consists of three semi-circular arcs interlaced, the ends conjoined to form a knot.  The triquetra is a period charge:  under the name “Tyrell knot”, it was the badge of Sir Thomas Tyrell, d.1502 [Walden 129; Siddons II.2 295].  Though Tyrell used the charge with a point to base, the Society default for the triquetra is with a point to chief.

Tarynsa of Rivendell bears:  Azure, three triquetras Or.

Ástríðr in spaka bears:  Argent, three triquetras vert.

Ciaran ferch Marc bears:  Quarterly sable and vert, in saltire five triquetras argent.

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