Torque, or torc (Accepted)

Torque, or torc (Accepted)

A torque, or torc, is a piece of jewelry, a stiff necklace of precious metal wires twisted together.  Though found in several cultures, it’s most strongly associated with the Celts; though a period artifact, it was not used in period heraldry.  The torque’s opening is to base by Society default; the ends may be described in blazon with animal heads, but no difference is granted for this.  For related charges, see brooch.

The Shire of Draca Mor bears:  Ermine, within a serpent-headed torc opening to chief vert surmounted by a sword sable, a laurel wreath vert.

Brand aux Deus Leons bears:  Sable, a lion-headed torque and in chief a bar raguly Or.

Rhonwen Angharad bears:  Vert, a heron-headed torc argent.

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