Thunderbolt (Period)

Thunderbolt (Period)

A thunderbolt is a winged, swirling pillar of flame, thrown from the hand of God or the gods.  It may be shown with lightning bolts behind it, crossed in saltire; the pillar is palewise by default.  Described in de Bara’s Blason des Armoiries, 1581 [128], and Guillim’s Display of Heraldrie, 1610 [99], the thunderbolt is accepted for Society use… but Your Author knows of no actual examples of the thunderbolt in period armory.

Caris Maniske bears:  Per fess argent and purpure, a thunderbolt counterchanged.

Huldah von Jal bears:  Per bend sinister sable and gules, a thunderbolt Or.

Marcus Marius Leontius Britannicus bears:  Gules, a thunderbolt and a chief embattled Or.

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