Theow rampant (Period)

Theow rampant (Period)

The theow, or thoye, is a rare monster resembling a mastiff or wolf, but with cloven hooves and a bovine muzzle and tail.  It was used as a badge by Sir Thomas Cheney c.1560 [Dennys 161].  The theow does not seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows a theow rampant.

Fedora Phelan bears:  Pily bendy sinister vert and argent, a theow rampant pean.

Æthelwulf Stealcere bears:  Gules, a theow rampant and on a chief embattled argent four trilliums gules, barbed vert, seeded Or.

Eric of Nord Broc bears:  Pean, a theow rampant and issuant from base a demi-sun argent.

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