Tablet, weaver’s

Square weaver's tablet (Accepted)

Square weaver’s tablet (Accepted)

A weaver’s tablet is a small card with holes, used to separate warp threads in a hand loom.  The Society’s default form is more fully blazoned a “square weaver’s tablet”, with four holes arranged two and two.  The artifact is ancient, with archaeological finds dating from at least the 9th Century [Peter Collingwood, The Techniques of Tablet Weaving, 1982, pp.14-16]; but it doesn’t appear to have been used in period armory.  For related charges, see delf, die.

Thora Sharptooth bears:  Gules, three square weaver’s tablets in bend Or.

Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh bears:  Quarterly sable and argent, a square weaver’s tablet lozengewise counterchanged.

Astrid Olafsdotter bears:  Vert, in cross four square weaver’s tablets bendwise argent.

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