Sword: ken

Ken blade (probable SFPP)

Ken blade (probable SFPP)

The “ken” or “ken blade” is an Oriental double-edged blade widening at the point, predating the katana; by the end of our period it was only used as part of temple regalia [Stone 349].  The ken blade is found, highly stylized, in the Mon of Hayakawa [Hawley 64], but has not yet been dated to period; as a charge from outside period Europe, its use carries a step from period practice.

Morimoto Koryu bears:  Sable, a crescent surmounted by a ken blade argent.

Otagiri Tatsuzo bears:  Sable, three ken and three dragon scales conjoined in annulo, pointing outwards, within a bordure embattled, all argent.

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