Sword: great sword

Great sword (Accepted)

Great sword (Accepted)

The “great sword”, or “long sword”, was an oversized sword with a hilt large enough to be held in two hands; the German term Zweihänder alludes to this, and this larger hilt may be deemed the sword’s identifying characteristic [Stone 643].  It was favored by the German Landsknechte of the 16th Century, and therefore has also been blazoned in the Society, more fully, as a “landesknecht’s greatsword”.  We have no examples of its use, so blazoned, in period heraldry.  Cf. claymore.

Eloise of Lancaster bears:  Argent, a wingless dragon gules entwined around a landsknecht’s great sword sable, on a chief gules three fleurs-de-lys Or.

Kirsten Maria Matz bears:  Purpure, a great sword bendwise sinister inverted between two roundels Or, each charged with a penguin statant proper.

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