Skold affronty (Accepted)

Skold affronty (Accepted)

A skold, or scoldsbridle, is an instrument of punishment, intended for women with sharp tongues.  It consisted of a metal frame to enclose the head, with a sharp metal bit to restrain the tongue; it was often decorated with horns and derogatory pendants.  Unsurprisingly, the skold has not been found as a period heraldic charge.

The illustration is taken from an ornate example, possibly intended for both sexes, temp. Henry VIII [Alice Morse Earle, Curious Punishments of Bygone Days, 1896, plate LXVI].  For related charges, see helm.

Aquel of Darkstead bears as a badge:  Vert, a skold affronty argent, horned Or, belled argent.

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