Silkie, or selkie (Disallowed)

Silkie, or selkie (Disallowed)

The silkie, or selkie, is a monster from Scots legend, able to shift shape from a seal to a human and back.  In Society heraldry, it’s drawn as a seal with a human head.  The silkie is erect and guardant by Society default.

No examples of the silkie in period armory are known, and the standard Society depiction is likewise unknown.  Pending documentation, the silkie has been disallowed for Society use.  For related charges, see mermaid.

Timandra of Thule bears: Azure, atop a rock in base a female silkie, all argent, headed proper, crined sable, in her hair a cinquefoil argent.

Kathleen O’Shee bears:  Per pale sable and argent, a selkie sejant guardant counterchanged atop a mount counterchanged argent and vert.

Siobhán inghean Aodhagáin bears:  Purpure, a silkie and a bordure embattled argent.

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