Senmurv (Accepted)

Senmurv (SFPP)

The senmurv is an ancient Persian monster with the front half of a dog and the wings and rear body of a bird.  It dates from 7th Century legends [Ernst and Johanna Lehner, A Fantastic Bestiary], but no examples have been found in period armory.  As a motif from outside Europe, the use of the senmurv is a step from period practice.

The senmurv has its forelegs extended, and wings elevated and addorsed, by Society default.  See also simurgh.

Bahram the Resplendent bears:  Sable, a senmurv within an annulet of roundels Or.

Artemisia Lacebrayder bears:  Gules, a senmurv between three lace-making bobbins Or.

Gaston de Lurs bears:  Azure chaussé, a senmurv argent.

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