Sea-mew (Period)

Sea-mew (Period)

The sea-mew is an aquatic bird, more modernly called a “sea-gull” or even simply a “gull”.  In medieval thought, it was a symbol of hope, because hearing its cry told lost sailors that land was near.  The sea-mew is a period charge, found (blazoned semew) in the arms of Sayer c.1460 [RH].

Despite its name, the sea-mew is not a sea-monster in the heraldic sense:  the term refers to the natural bird, not a fish-tailed hybrid.  The sea-mew is close by default.

The Province of Southern Shores bears:  Per bend azure and Or, a sea-gull volant bendwise argent and a laurel wreath vert.

Togashi Kihō  bears:  Azure, a sea-mew volant argent, on a chief wavy Or three oak leaves sable.

Elsa Taliard bears:  Per fess wavy argent and azure, two sea-gulls counterchanged.

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