Scepter (Period)

Scepter (Period)

A scepter is an ornamented rod or baton, borne as regalia by a sovereign as a token of authority.  The physical scepters borne by monarchs might vary widely; however, as an heraldic charge, the scepter follows a more standardized form, a baton tipped with a fleur-de-lys.  The scepter’s use as a charge dates from at least c.1340, in the arms of Kloten or Gloten [Zurich 220].  It’s palewise by default.  See also staff.

The Canton of Kynges Creke bears:  Vert, two scepters in saltire fretted with a laurel wreath Or, a ford proper.

Suleiman ibn Rawh bears:  Vert, a scepter argent.

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