Salamander (Period)

Salamander (Period)

The salamander is an heraldic monster, an elemental fire-spirit.  In period heraldry, it’s usually depicted as a lizard enflamed; the illustration is taken from the badge of Francis I of France, c.1540 [Dennys 193].

The salamander is statant by default.  Note that flames are part of the monster’s definition.  If depicted without flames, it must be blazoned as a “natural salamander” and treated as though it were a lizard.

Zofia Wis’niewska bears:  Vert, three salamanders Or enflamed gules.

Aurelia Vipsania Gallio bears:  Gules, semy of flames argent, a salamander couchant Or enflamed argent.

Daire Leboucher bears:  Argent, a salamander tergiant sable enflamed azure.

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