Recorder (Accepted)

Recorder (Accepted)

A recorder is a musical instrument of the woodwind family, with a fipple mouthpiece and six or more finger holes; the earliest surviving example dates to c.1390.  Though a period instrument, the recorder doesn’t appear to have been used in period armory.

Recorders came in several sizes, particularly in the Renaissance [Grove 21:41]; the alto recorder, seen in the illustration, seems to be the Society default.  The recorder is shown palewise and affronty, with the finger holes to the viewer, by Society default; its “proper” tincture is brown, the color of wood.  For related charges, see cornetto, flute, hautboy, krummhorn.

Jame the Hayree Harryson bears:  Azure, three recorders in fess and a bordure Or.

Cáelainn ingen Muiredaig bears:  Per pale vert and sable, three recorders bendwise Or.

Morgan of Surrey bears:  Azure, a recorder within a bordure rayonny Or.

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