Quintain (Accepted)

Quintain (Accepted)

A quintain is a target for tilting practice, consisting of a post with a pivoted crosspiece, armed with a wooden shield, and often a sandbag for counterbalance.  The rider would attempt to strike the quintain with his lance as he rode by; missing the shield would leave it in the rider’s path, but striking at too slow a speed would cause the sandbag to clout the rider as it swung around!  Though a period artifact, the quintain does not appear in period armory; the illustration is taken from a 14th Century psalter [Barber & Barker, Tournaments, p.27].

Lorenzo Quintain bears:  Argent, a quintain armed to dexter with a sword bendwise and to sinister with a shield, gules.

Philip Rufus Kennard bears:  Erminois, a quintain gules and a base nebuly vert.

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