Paw print (SFPP)

Paw print (SFPP)

Prints are the impressions made by either animal or human feet; they are more fully termed “pawprints” or “hoofprints” (or, for human feet, “footprints”).  A single example of hoofprints has been found in modern German armory, in the civic arms of Gars, in Bavaria [Neubecker & Rentzmann, 10000 Wappen von Staaten und Städten, p.394]; prints are thus accepted for Society use, though they are considered a step from period practice.

While the type of animal is often blazoned, no heraldic difference is granted between various prints.  They are shown with the toe-marks to chief by Society default, as in the illustration.  For related charges, see sole.

Esther of Darkhaven bears:  Per fess sable and argent, in bend nine wolf-paw prints counterchanged five and four, in sinister chief a plate.

Artemas Maximus bears:  Or, a bear’s paw print gules.

Felix MacAvady bears:  Or, seven cat’s paw prints two, three and two sable.

Willelm le Pied bears:  Per bend sinister sable and azure, a footprint argent.

Watt Kidman bears:  Or, three goat’s hoofprints inverted Or.

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