Plumetty (Period)

Plumetty (Period)

Plumetty is a fur, evidently a variant of the vair furs; it is made up of panes resembling feathers.  Visually, it’s similar to a lozengy field, and its tinctures are blazoned the same way.  Plumetty is a period field, found in the arms of Mydlam, c.1460 [RH].

The interior details of the feathers are diapering, and are considered artistic license.  When no internal details are shown, plumetty becomes very close to a form of papellony.  See also field treatment.

Duncan Brock of Greyfeather bears:  Plumetty argent and sable, on a fess purpure a brock statant argent.

Damian Papyngeye bears:  Plumetty argent and vert, a popinjay purpure.

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