Perruque (Period)

A perruque, or peruke, is a wig of hair to cover the head. The form found in period armory is intended to resemble a natural head of hair; the elaborate and powdered perukes of the late-17th and 18th Centuries are not used. The perruque is a period charge, found in the canting arms (“hair man”) of Herman or Harmonde, c.1520 [DBA2 354; cf. also Guillim1 174 and Gwynn-Jones 103]. See also beard, tress of hair.

Carlos Blanco el Barbero bears as a badge: Or, in pale a perruque gules and a sinister hand azure.

Moyai-Nidun bears as a badge: Gules, a perruque and on a chief argent a grenade sable.

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